HFHI What's your Habitat Home IQ?

A lot goes into building a Habitat home - take our quiz to see how you measure up!
On average, how many ...


Correct answer: 400

Correct answer: 150

Correct answer: 30

Correct answer: 50

Correct answer: 250

Correct answer: 3 hours, 26 minutes, 34 seconds
You scored: [ out of 6]

How did you do?

Score = 0: The Measuring Tape
Scores, shmores — your potential for changing the lives of people in need of a decent, safe home is immeasurable.
Score = 1 - 3: The Wrench
Looks like you've got a grasp on things, but could tighten up in a couple areas. Your hard work is recognized and goes a long way in the Habitat community.
Score = 4 - 5: The Hammer
You hit the mark on most, only smashing your thumb once or twice. It's clear your heart and soul are in it, adding points to your Habitat status!
Score = 6: The Nail
#nailedit #enoughsaid
You demonstrate great knowledge — congratulations for hitting the nail on the head.
Make an impact - share with friends!
Make an impact - share with friends!

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