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Take Action with Habitat

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Access to Credit ("Right-Sized Loans")

Expanding homeownership opportunities for working families builds a stronger economy for everyone. Robust housing markets mean higher property values and local tax revenues, more job opportunities and healthier communities. Take action to make sure homeownership can be an option for everyone who is ready to be a successful homeowner. 


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Make Housing a Global Priority

Nearly 200 countries in the United Nations are coming together right now to create a development agenda for the next 15 years. With all of competing interests at the table, there is real concern that housing could be forgotten.


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Help Save Service

Every day, Habitat affiliates across the country rely on the important work of national service members. Make your voice heard today by telling your members of Congress to adequately fund CNCS in the Fiscal Year 16 budget to help Habitat fulfill its mission. 


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Energy Efficiency

Encourage Congress to support weatherization initiatives, saving money and resources while supporting a healthy housing market for all!



Decent Housing for Eveyone

Join us in showing your support for decent housing for everyone: tell Congress to protect the funding and flexibility of valuable federal programs that help meet housing needs in your community.




Nearly 4 million veteran households struggle to afford housing, with more than 1.5 million paying more than 50% of their income on housing. Join Habitat in asking the VA, White House and Congress to make more affordable housing available.



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